Friday, May 28, 2010

[PHOTO] Cubaan menjadi photo editor hebat

Can't help not to upload this photo in my blog. Tak tahan!. Yes. This is Ashraf, my sister's son. How you rate his cute-ness?, please vote 10 to 1  huhu..

The photo was taken during our last vacation at Genting. Macam biasa, dia tak boleh duduk diam and always makes this cute voice of aalahhhh.... iskkk.. and so on while his leg couldn't stop from playing around in the hotel room.

Bosan-bosan, snap la action dia. Maka tehasil la ini. The background not really black like in a studio. Editing la kan for sure. Apa pendapat anda? feel free to say something :). 

Ha ha, eventhough I know it is biasa biasa aja like apa-apa aje...

but which one is your choice? first or second? I choose both! HA-HA.

haaa.. Ashraf want to wish something!

sempena besday abang ipar, 
wife kesayangnya a.k.a kakanda-ku 
belanja DOMINOS !.. konyang den!


anis said...

aku ske no2... sbb aku ske lighting cm tuh.. ;P

E.d.Y said...

1st one better kot

SUXX said...

wah bagus2.

.mek.mizah. said...


huhu~ thanks anis!! :)

.mek.mizah. said...


apsal second better?

.mek.mizah. said...


ape yang bagusss?? huhu

Nono Fara said...

saya suka gambar pertama! :D

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