Wednesday, January 28, 2009

...typing zero idea...

28 JANUARY 2009

huii.. my CIM class was canceled again~~!!! it's due to my lecturer medical reason. Kesian die.. i dun knw what exact problem dat he is facing to, what i know is his left hand has been covered by sort of 'anduh' or carrier. Maybe he fall-down or something.. Hope he will recover soon..

Bcoz of dat, i'm stuck at the lab and doing dis kind of updating my blog again.. Haha.. I dun have any other thing to do, so i'm juz typing zero idea here.. haihh..

So let me see what shud i type-type here..

aaa... ok.. i wanna tell u general idea of what is CIM..

CIM is stand for Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Since i'm only attended the class for about less than 6 times, i still blur about this course. Hihi.. What i know is that it is a combination between computer and manufacturing. It relates programming to the production technology. Mostly it has relation with robotics and automation.

So, i guess that's enough for the introduction. *since i dun knw the overall view yet*

ok la.. u must be so bored to read all dis rite..
so i shud finish it b4 u feel asleep.. lalalaa~~

p/s : hmmm... i'm so bored!!


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