Sunday, January 04, 2009

...tagged by odahh~...

p/s : nmpknye setahun aku nak siapkan tag nie!haha...sowi odahh... =p
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  1. i'm not so friendly. Heee~ i'm not talked to the strangers, avoiding ppl dat i dun knw who they are..hehe..sound like i'm a snobbish person. No la, i'm juz taking some precaution from something bad dat could happen. ahaa~ but lately i'm realized dis thing isn't really good, bcoz we might lose opportunity to get inspiration from others.
  2. i hate when ppl dun reply my msg or juz replying in a very short form, that's make me feel dat person r not interested to reply my msg. Yupp~ dats the very true of me. but if i dun reply others it's ok for me. keke...soooo unfair! i'm not replied some of msgs dat i thought it is unnessary to reply it.
  3. i'm a bit 'skema'. alwayz following the rules, feeling so bad when i dun following it. but sometimes i do cross some of the rules dat i thought there are over limits. but when it comes to road or jpj rules i'm really stricted about dat. Even signboard pn i do obey it.haha. zatie plg nympah ngn aku psl nie...keke..
  4. i'm not good in memorization. hoho..i remember sumthing due to its own purpose only and it happens to be in my mind for a short period.. the worst thing is i can't remember numbers lately, but i'm good in calculation..*pelikss* i realize it when i can't remember my bestfren matric no..hihi~ sory rash! until now i can't..
  5. i hates hypocrite and liar so much! once ppl cheated on me, until death i wouldn't trust them.(or if dorang tobat mayb bole la kot) for this part i hve been so cruel mayb bcoz i had been cheated for so many times, then i feel so 'tobat' to trust anybody. mayb sumetimes i'm a bit straight and polite, so dun take advantage on me..i'm warning u!
  6. i'm crazy on speed limits. hihi~ eventhough i drive a kancil, it doesn't mean i cant speed up to 120km/hr... and also love to be on the right lane everytime i drive. hmmm, but then, when i watch bulletin about accident dat cause from over-speed, i'm a bit scared dahh! haihh, so plz warn me wherever i'm on high-speed k~
  7. i'm a cat lover. i can't avoid myself to touch any cats that happen appear in front of me. but the one with 'kurap' i'm sorry, i hve to be bias on you....haihhh~ dis love make me feel so sad when i saw kitten or cat mati katak kt tepi jln.( supposed to be mati kucing, am i rite.?)
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(i dun really understand aku cube laa....)
  1. i dun knw how to use make-up. heee~ even wearing the eye liner, i'm still not good on dat.. my eyes neva looks so good when i did it. mayb look good right after i'm applied it, but after 2-3 hours, haaahhh~ even myself hesitate to see my face at the mirror, cooomoot~!!
  2. i always can't resist myself to say no when my fren ask me to go out. haihhh~ even they juz asking me wht i'll i do after dis and dis...(dats question is like opening to ask me out,yepp i always understand dat..haha..) eventhough sumtimes i'm not free for dat, i still can make some time for my frens. i dun knw. mayb i dun wan them to feel upset when i'm refused to their invitation. bcoz when it happens to me, i can't stop my heart to feel really upset.*majok*<--mayb..haha~
  3. i like to watch movie alone sumtimes. heee~ it sounds weird, but i dun care, as long as i dun hve to feel upset or down whn i ask others to accompany me and then they refused. haha~ no la..actually, i do watch movie alone juz to release my tension. thats my therapy to release tension i guess. to be all alone. ngeee~
  4. i'm very s*** in love. i dun knw. everything doesn't look so good when i'm totally in love with some one. haihh~ i alwayz spoiled my relationship, or mayb i'm so hard to trust anybody until i can't trust my partner.? owh..damn it!
  5. since i dun like memorizing, so in parallel i dun like reading word by word too...hmmm~ dats really bad kan, but mayb my interest is going slightly more on mathematical reading only. haha~ i'm really crazy on math and calculation. so dats why i cn't get good gred for subject dat containing words. hehe..bad mizahh..
  6. currently, i'm a fan of purple...who is purple.? owhh...she is juz a color laaa... i dun knw, whenever i wanna buy things, automatically i'll attracted to purple only, huhu... i thought dis might be influenced by my compartment room at my hostel which fully furnished with purple color... owhh..i wonder how if i'll move to pink compartment..?? ahhh...
  7. i can't stand being in a very crowded place. hmmm... i can easily get headache and also be so moody and rude. i'll not go to dat kind of place eventhough there is a big sale up to 70%. huhu, so dun ask me out for dat kind of places..
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  1. fira (aku wajip tag ko!)
  2. maizatul (haihh,even ko tak pnh wat tag aku, tp still nak tag ko..)
  3. fahrul (sje nak tag org baru)
  4. izzah (feel free to do so k..=> )
  5. nahar (isi mase lapang ko ngn ni k..)
  6. rashh (wat tau..sje..sje..)
  7. everyone la...aku pon tatau sape lg..
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p/s : dun really judge me from dis tag k~ huhu, dis is only a small part of mine and it doesn't mean u can judge me n knw who really i am...lalalalaa~~


pwincess_mymuch0ok said...

babe... aku bukan tanak tag ko lew.. but aku sedikit x fhm apa fungsi tag ni.. bley??
k pehni aku tag ko plak... mcm dh fhm sket.. hahahaha!

izzahismail said...

i'll do if i'm not too lazy.hehe.

anyway,i hate crowded places too.
but sometimes, cant avoid it ;))

mek mizah~ said...

to mai... ahh ko phm ke tak, make sure ko wat ok!

to izzah... yepp! sumtimes..malaysia kan ramai org...adehhh!

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