Saturday, January 10, 2009

...i'm not invisible...

haihh...(caution : dun sigh always,it can makes u old rapidly)
last weekend wasn't my perfect relaxing weekend,

everything wasn't so good,

hmmm....bcoz of this stupid madness,
i had spent a lot FOR my not so important class..
juz for filling my circumstances...

mayb its juz a cooling session for my heart.
does money flowing out is a therapy..????

maybe it's a yes for a girl like me.

firstly, i got smashed from my fren,
not to mention who is it..
its really break my heart..
i'll not forget about that,
but i already forgive her/him.

secondly, i got cheated by my so-called as *ehem2*,
and now, i'm not trust him anymore,
maybe dis relation shud be ended by now,
i need a rest,

thirdly, i lost my bank islam card,
which my money is mostly there,
i dun know where it is,
and fortunately i already cancel the card yesterday,
so i have to make a new card a.s.a.p,
b4 i'm running out of cash,

eventhough i had a very bad weekend,
i feel glade that my friends always there for me,
everything happen must have their own reason,
maybe dis is a test from God,
thats how He keeps reminding His servant.

  1. dun ever break ur frens heart with or without ur intention.
  2. choose ur frens properly otherwise they'll not appreciate u.
  3. plz be concsious about others feeling.
  4. think before u make an action.
  5. dun be too nice sometimes.
  6. keep ur things properly and dun be careless.
  7. dun easily trust ppl.
p/s : i wanna congratulate my fren for her becoming big day..!! congratz odahh... (^_^)"
.:: out-of-what-so-ever ::.

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