Tuesday, January 27, 2009

...on the next trip to Port Dickson...

27 JANUARY 2009

after my trip to Malacca on last saturday (24/1/09), i had a small invitation from my sista to join her family to Port Dickson on the next day, Sunday(25/1/09).. heee... my Chinese New Year holiday was really blissful!.. i'm so happy even though i had to wear my hijab 24 hours, but i dun care. As long as i had a very joyful holiday i can accept every single difficulty. hihi... owhh, why i had to wear my hijab for 24 hr..? it was bcoz i was sharing a hotel room with my sista and bro-in-law.. My sista only booked for a room with 2 queen beds. So, for me it was not a big deal.. maybe i'm so used to wear it for a long time.. i'm glade, i'm ok with dat..

Port Dickson.. i stayed at the Corus Hotel for one night. The hotel is just near the beach. It also has a big swimming pool that so crowded with people that having their long holiday just like me. So, instead of making the swimming pool become more crowded, we can enjoy swimming at the beach too. Hoho.. i dun remember when was my last time going to the beach.. lameee gileee daaa~

when i was small, my father always brought us to the beach, mostly to Port Dickson, bcoz the place quiet near to our home. Early in the morning before we went to PD, my mom will prepare her most delicious Nasi Lemak for our picnic meals. Everytime we were swimming at the beach, my father will act as a shark and catch my feet, then try to immerse me under the water. it was so scary actually but that's how he tried to cheer me up. owhh.. i miss dat moment so much.. when will i go to the beach again with my parents..?? huk2..

most of the time when i was at PD, my job was baby-sit by nephew, ashraf. Since i can't swim or get myself wet *heee*, then i just baby-sit him while his parent were playing together. A sweet marriage couple they are.. *i'm soo jealous~!!*

i dun know whatelse to say..

ok.. enjoy the photos..

my sista and ashraf with his new 'pelampong'..
seems like he was excited with it~!!

his first swimming lesson.. hehe..

several shoot around Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia..

the baby wit his pyjama.. nak tdo kee.....

my new red slipper.. hee..

p/s : gambo aku takde pon kat PD.. wuwu~

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