Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...my mom & Acupuncture...

181108 - today my activities were sooo pack!..it started at early in the morning, woke up early and ready to accompany my mom, she had an appointment at Hospital Putrajaya... dis is the 3rd time and all together she have 5 appointments to go, she is having an acupuncture treatment there... after the second times she went through the acupuncture, my mom complained dat she dun want to come again for the next appointments, huhu~ she said dat no improvement and it juz make her in more pain...hehe~ but then i dun know where she got strength to keep going to the treatment for today...owh mayb she is inspired by the HongKong trip dis weekend..huhu.. (my mum is scared with needle actually!!) .i'm so sleepy actually today, since last nite i didn't get enough sleep (texting and talking like huhu =o ), ohooo~ but for the sake of my mom , i hardly pretended to be sooo ok and strong...i hope you get well soon mom, eventhough sumtimes i alwayz make u upset, but truly i love u so deeply...i'm sory mak..

my mom is suffering a pain at her knees, so far she had tried many kind of treatment juz to make her knees good. So, acupuncture is another alternative treatment that she interested to do. Actually, i dun knw a hospital has the traditional treatment department, went i go to the putrajaya hospital, i'm some kind of surprising because hospital also provide the traditional treatment..huhu.. if u wanna try this thing, u can go to the public hospital, and they will charged u free! but if u go to the private one, they may charge u until RM 80 and above...

description : top left and below left is current machine which provide a little vibration to the needle. (mayb to excite the pain point)
top right is some of the apparatus dat the doctor used.
right below is my mom hand with the needles!.(she had about 20 needles in one time)

Acupuncture is popular among Chinese people. They believe that acupuncture can detect and treat the disease in the best way. You can read further about acupuncture in this two links...acupuncture and medical (since i'm not experted about this kind of medical area, huhu..i'm engineering student *lol*) ...so i hope with this kind of effort ALLAH will helps my mom to get well soon, (lets amin together)...amin...
.:: hoping ::.

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