Thursday, November 06, 2008

...leen's besday dinner...

actually leen's besday is on 6 november 2008,
but with this special case we were advancing the day to fifth november...huhu~
emm, the dinner was one of our
classmate's brother/sister final assessment.
(actually i dun knw wheather sis or bro la...confused!!)
he/she takes the cullinary art course and
the assessment was evaluating on serving and also cooking too, i guess!..
so, we were invited to make a crowd and
also to support the assessment by our money..haha...
RM20 per person..not bad~!!..
since we had western food for our dinner...
complete with appetizer, soup, main couse, and also the dessert...
the taste was ok to me but the time management was too bad,
we had to wait so long to get our next food.
I dun knw what happened actually at the kitchen
but it made our stomach filled with the air...(masok angin le tu!huhu)...
the very best thing during the dinner was the refill part, haha~
we drink until we get *blurpp2*...=P
me and aizom,b4 the departure...

the gurls yg dtg~!

rush, me and aizom~ waiting 4 the food...lapoo~

so this is the food for our 'grand' dinner...
appetizer : sliced beef with mustard dressing
soup : garlic bread(lmbt dpt!) and minefrone soup
main course : pan fried dowry fillet served with lemon butter sauce accompanied with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables
desert : crepe suzzette with banna sauce
(i'm not into these type of food la huhu...)

some of the boys .

last but not least,
may ALLAH alwayz bless u...muahxx~ hehee...

p/s : ahh, i'm counting for my becoming besday too!! ...(tak matured langsong..ish2)

.:: love::.
~ mizahh ~


leen said...

thanx mizah...
luv u..muahxx!!

mek mizah~ said...

huhu~ welcome leen!

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