Tuesday, November 04, 2008


today is my most laziest day,
i'm counting the day to go home after the final exam finish,
from today-1-2-3-4-5-6-7...7!!days to go...yey~!!
but yet i still dun knw when the day exactly i shud go home..
either right after the last paper or on da next day..??
it has been mixed up with a plan that 'my childhood fren' told me last nite...
he plan for a picnic after the final exam ended,
ehhhh~...dun misunderstood k, of coz wit all the 'geng'..
ahhh..why suddenly this idea could exist.??
(aku dah la tak bleh sket org ajak2, even org bru suggest pon aku da mule tepengaruh!!..hahaha)

according to my plan yesterday evening after the ethics paper,
i wanna go home for a while since i have 4 days gap before my next paper,
it is just to see my mum...
and then i dun knw wht happen until i feel so lazy to drive my car to go home~???!!...
i though maybe this morning i will be,
i woke up at 10am! and the rain suddenly came out and it has stunted my plan,
if i still drive thru the MMR2, for sure the traffic jam could be so terrific!...
ohhh, PM plz observe this problem for us...
so i guess the plan to go home are also cancelled..dottt...wuwu...
i miss my home, i miss my mom, i miss the whole family~!!
ahh...i wonder how ashraf looks like today.??huhu...
(hmm, eventhough we r not juz the other happy family
but still they r my family and i miss them damn much!!

tomorrow my mom will get her fluid injection at her knee,
as she alwayz told me that her knee are not too strong anymore and alwayz in pain,
the other day my mum when to the specialist and
the dr. suggest her to take the injection about 3 times in different2 days...(5-12-19/11)..
that must be sooo pain~!!
huuu....be strong ok mak...i alwayz by ur side...
wuuu....feels like wanna fly away to meet my mum...(~_~)"
lalalaa~ tp mengenangkan 2 papers yg akan dtg adelah sungguh susah, takot plaks nak blk umah sbb kalo blk umah sure2 la tak bce buku...
i'll rather :
  1. tidoo...
  2. layan tenet gle2
  3. tgk astro tak hengat dunia...
  4. men2 ngn ashraf.
  5. masak2 ngn mak
  6. tlg2 mak..
  7. tdoo lg...
  8. ulang blk no.2 until 6..
  9. mkn2
than study~!!
..huu...so, itu yg sungguh menakotkan aku!! arghhh~ tesepit!...

.:: huuu ::.

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