Tuesday, November 11, 2008

...the disease come again...

the disease come again..
i had a huge problem with confusion..
once i make a choice, i wanna it so much..
then after a while, i dun wanna it anymORE..
the regret ate me from the inside..
wht does it means.?
mayb the jenny song suit wit me...
the song by click 5...

"First You say you won't, then you say you will.
You keep me hanging on, and we're not moving on..... "

i dun know..
everything doesn't look so good..
the desire come and go...
like the wind, never turn back again...
i'm so easy to get bored..
i'm speechless..

i juz wanna run~!!
how to escape from this.?
Ya ALLAH.. plz help me...
I'm begging u...


.:: =( ::.

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