Monday, November 10, 2008

...HaNa YoRi DanGo : the Movie...

yesterday, i got a chance to watch a new movie, huhu~ dis was to celebrate the end of my final exam for semester 1 08/09 (dis is my 3rd year first sem!!), erkkk...i hate my final exam so much!...the were very *&*%$#~!!...i dun knw wht happen to me, even i study like cover-to-cover, page-to-page, and slide-to-slide yet still i can't answer the was so horrible and sad =( it become so difficult when we at the 3rd year.?? everything bcome so-so-and-so difficult and horrible~!! adoiiii.... owhh god, i'm missing my precious time whn i was at the matriculation...wuwu~ (~__~)"

opsss~!!....actually i wanna make a review about the HANA YORI DANGO THE MOVIE, or in the english we call as "boys over flower the movie" or also famous wit the F4 story and not about my exam *&%$# story la...aishhh~!mizahh nie... u mayb dun wan to knw wit whom i watched the movie kan.? so, i guess i dun need to mention it here...=P

for me, i dun get the story so much, it was not understandable..(erkk, is dis word really exist.?yes kan.?..lupe plaks~uhuu) the story was not so enjoyable like its own drama series, i had watched the series, season1 and season 2...the series are more interested as compared to the movie, i dun knw where the spoil was, ohh mayb bcoz of the time length which is so long, it wa taken about 2 hours 21 mnts to finish..and added wit some boring part which can makes u fall asleep..huuu~ (aku nguap ntah bpe kali)... it starts wit the lost of 'smile of venus' which is the family heirloom that will inherit by the heroin (tsukushi) b4 she got married to tsukasa domyoji the heir of the wealthiest family in japan..ermm, if u wan to read the whole story u can check dis web review! or mayb its official website here official! ,(ermm, but only if u can read the kanji words..huhu..) bcoz i will not write the whole story here...*malas*

the F4 and tsukushi (she is so cute!)

actually hana yori dango is adapted from its manga comic,
(aku pon bru tau!haha)..
so, dis is the looks of the comic..(amek kt yahoo..)

ok la, lastly enjoy dis trailer and make your own assumption about dis movie ok~!

.:: truth ::.


sheda cumel (",) said...

akak de dvd hana yori dango tu x???btol ke ejaannye???nk tgk cter tu!!!besh sgt..dlu tgk series die je...if u hve can i borrow??? ;P

mek mizah~ said...

uhuu~ takde la cyg...ade series je 1 & 2...muvee tgk kt cinema aritu..nnt la, if ade dpt softcopy dr kwn2 i let u knw ok!! =)

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