Sunday, November 02, 2008


today's exam was so damn unexpected,
first thing when i didn't found the formula sheet
in my intrumentation and control exam paper...
oh my god~!
it was so damn and &^%$*,
and i know something bad is goint to happen~!!
i can't stop to let my tears go down..
but i had to pretend that i can do it...
1st question skipped...2nd skipped....waaaa...
what makes me so sad was when i ask
for my lecturer kindness to correct my formula
that i wrote it,
she didn't help me through it...huuu...
other lecturer can help but why u can't..??

ok la, maybe it was my fault because not
ask u(my lecturer) before the exam
whether the formula sheet it provided or not...
i expect that formula will be given
but unfortunately the thing was not be given...
last semester they provide that sheet,
so that's why i'm confident not to remember all the formula..
but what happened was so horrible~!!
nothing such a formula,
only the Laplace transformation table,
hu...which that table was very useless..
we dun need this...
we need the formula especially me....
arghhhh...................(nak jerit2........)

with the act of my invigilator during the exam,
felt like wanna kick them one-by-one,
when the exam was in progress,
he turned on his mp3 with
the loudest sound without any hesitated
...oiii...nak pekak ke..??
bodoh ke ape, org tgh exam ko bleh plak
on lagu kuat2......geram gle..

so my advise is dun be like this lazy
(when we need extra paper he wasn't there
but going outside to smoke....*&^%$)
and stupid invigilator,
if u just wanna money but
dun wanna consider ppl who r having an exam,

find other job, dun be the invigilator~!!!

.:: broken-heart ::.

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