Monday, June 22, 2009

PhotoFunia.. owh, nice.. nice..

If you dun have time to edit your photo, juz click on PhotoFunia..
And the result will be...

hehe.. in short time, you can be a.. photo editor..!! huhu..

p.s. : i dun remember dr mane dpt web neh..
tp yg penting from satu nice blog neh..
huh! sory to owner blog~ (*_*)"


ticnube said...

mizahhh aku sayangg nko..muehehe.. aku ske lahh nak watt gak...muehhehe...:)

~mek^mizahhh~ said...

buat2.. pastu post kt blog..
aku mau tengokkkkk!!! heheheh...

sdg said...

Thank you very much - photofunia is really nice site. One more site where we can edit our pictures: it has more than 150 funny photo templates.

.mek.mizah. said...

SDG.. nice one! thanks for the sharing.. =)

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