Saturday, December 06, 2008

...twilight - review...

today, i got a chance to watch a movie...yey~!!
i'm not following the new movie that have been released lately,
thus, to decide which movies shud we watched like make a decision to the death!,
haha.....sounds like so difficult rite!
After discuss2 and considering his choices on english movie,
so finally we choosed TWILIGHT...
heee...i dun knw much about dis movie,
so hoping dat the movie would be great...mintak2 lerr...

here the best story b4 we got the movie tickets, hihi..
like rezeki jatuh ke bumi,
one of dis mamat who que-up in front of us suddenly talked to us,
he asked what movie we want to watch,
heeee.....we juz blink2 the eyes and told him maybe the twilight kottt..
i thought he jus wanted to knw about our opinion or what,
but the thought 100% wrong!! guess what.??
haaaa...akceli he is offering us a free redemption ticket card for 2...
which he dun wan to us since he's alone....soooo....
lalalaa~ as a tread we gave him RM10 and we will get the card,
so now our tickets juz cost RM5 for each, save RM4 each!!
thanks Mr.X (hehe, i dun knw his name =p )

emmmmmmm...about the movie laks,
for me, no big impact sgt, juz a bit twist ler bcoz
vampire couple with human! haaa....bukan senang tuh...
basically we knw dat vampire sucks human blood,
but this type of vampires are totally different,
they also consider themselves as vegetarian!!haha...
bcoz they only suck the animal blood..haihhh~
haa, like alwayz u can read the full review on their official website --> twilight

p/s : thanks for today Mr.B....=)

.:: ngeeee::.

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