Thursday, December 18, 2008


ngee~ when it comes to new semesta, as usual my mOm will bz to get me new kurung, usually only a kurung, but for dis sem, it kindda more special bcoz i got 3 new kurungs at the same time! thanks bonda...hihi...*hugs*

why kurung and not blous or shirt.? its a culture in IIUM, malaysian gurls always wear kurung to class...
but dun get me wrng, kurung is not for muslims,
but it's Malays tradition cloth.
am i rite...?

i alwayz have a desire on how to make a baju kurong, since tailors nowadays put a high price for a kurong, the cheapest that i knw is about RM28 for w/o piping and RM35 for with it. thre also RM30, 40, depends on the tailor...hmmm...but if u wan kurong from boutique, u shud prepare RM70 and above...huuu~ (are they so skillful in making kurng or juz wanna pay their shop-lot rent..haihhh...mahalnyee..)

dadadaaa~ then, mayb bcoz of dis i already register for sewing skills for my co-curriculum..hihi...(dats field is out-ranges from my current engineering field...=p).. but i dun care..i'm so into sewing since i was a kid, alwayz make my doll a new cloth from my mum was so exciting during dat time...hihi...*syok-sendiri*
yesterday, i finished to sew a table-cloth for my bonda (hee..kalo mak aku tak membebel, sampai skng tersadai je tak siap2, jht kiri kanan atas bwh je senanye..)...dats my 1st table-cloth! (*_*)..

p/s : yatie, aku nak bli tudung kt ko~!! lalalaa~

p/s/s : leh la tempah baju kat aku nnt...hihi...

p/s/s/s : aku alwayz ade mslh kalu tempah baju, tebesar la, tekecik la, tependek la, tu yg btambah lg keinginan utk membuat baju sendiri! wish me luck...

p/s/s/s/s : actually, aku pnh blaja wat baju kurong, baru teringat!!..dat time mase form one kot, dok ngn mak ngah aku seorang tukang jahit yg hebat...hmmm...the kurong was not soooo nice, i only wore once and then i left it at my mak ngah house...*haha*
.:: excited ::.

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