Sunday, April 05, 2009

exam.. bluekkk~!!!

5 APRIL 2009

It is my break before i start to immerse back in the sea of notes..
Haha.. I dun know what i'm doing over here,
loitering unreasonably.. aduii..
maybe because of the exam,
notes and stresses make me become like this..
it's totally make me crazy.

Suddenly i post a new entry in english sentences. haha..
i think this might be the influence from studying in english..

Notes i read : English language..
Radio i hear : English language..

so, my head full with this alien language..
then i miss my BAHASA..

see.. crap.. crap.. crap..
dun have any motive in posting anything ACTUALLY..

juz wanna scream..

owh! I HATE EXAM !!!!!!!!!..


ok.. i'm done..


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