Sunday, November 21, 2010


...sarang hae yo! in Korea.

It has been a while since my last craziness on Korean Drama Episode. Ermm.. last one I watched, I think maybe on last 2 years back. Quite a long time ago! Well, we obviously known that we have put so much time and energy to watch any drama series. That's why I have to avoid since I know I can't move my lovely butt until I finished the whole series. So could you please imagine how I can't do anything until the last episode. The satisfaction only comes when the ending has revealed. Eventhough, logically of course, happy ending must be on hero/heroin side. But, I don't care, I have to know the story-line =P.

One Korean Drama usually has 16 episodes. But I don't think that's the maximum they have, ermm.. maybe 20 plus also have. Within one episode approximately 50 minutes to the end. Ahaks.. so we have to spend almost 800 minutes to finish all the episodes. That's only for one drama, what about 2, or 3... or even 5 favorite dramas? Ehee.. that's why last 2 years ago, I can't start to watch any Korean Drama. As a student, it just can make my life so miserable and yeahh.. wasted!

Heyy.. I'm just talking about myself. Someone that can't manage her time so well. If I start to watch a drama series, that means I start to forget all my studies and assignment! ngeee.. so, before I get scolded, better just leave the craziness aside. Oh! so long I have to sacrifice, and now! let's go back to the favoritaa! ^_^

How I get stuck-back into this Korean Fever?

That's all because of malay-dubbing drama in Animax channel. At that time, they play My Lovely Sam-Soon. The series was really funny when the actor speaks in Malay. Eventhough we can set back to Korean language, but honestly it was really enjoyed to hear the dubbing tone. Ha-ha... Oh! last time, they have played the My Girl episode too. Really-really funny!! The malay languange sounds really terrible on them. Haiya!

My Lovely Sam-Soon. Full-episode synopsis, you can read in here!

There's something I have learned from this drama. Ehemmm.. later I will share. Now! I have to log out, tomorrow should be a busy day as usual -__-". Good Nyte dear. Have a nice day!



balqis said...

kdramas the best!

PutraRocker said...

xley blah.,.jgn ayam doe..hahaha

ticnube said...

ye ke dlm cite ni mamat tuh ckp melayu.. x pasan la plak... and sbb aku still student.. sem break adelah mase utk kumpul korean dramas and movies.. :) hahahha

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