Monday, February 16, 2009's not fine...

16 FEBRUARY 2009

it's all about the feeling..
dun even feel i'm in the right way..
what i'm done,
what i'm contributed,
ppl will see it like
i'm directing it to the wrong way.
i'm also not perfect,
like any other human,
like any other creator,
but why,
still i'm the one make it to the wrong way.
it's hard to comfort everybody's feeling,
just to make it fair to everyone,
i'm trying so hard.
i'm trying as best as i can.
and at the end,
i'm still the one that looks like diverting it to the wrong way.
i'm not the one that make it to the worst.
believe me.


pwincess_mymuch0ok said...

awat hang???

izzahismail said...

may Allah makes things easy for you :)

teh haha said...

nape kamu ni mek oiii~~~~~~

~MEK MIZAHHH~ said...

huu.. down sket mse post nie..
ish.. ish.. ish..
kdg2 cepat emo, ohh god!
aku tak suke feeling cmnie..
nape org disekeliling tak pasan
tindak tanduk sendiri.. hmmm..
penat menjaga perasaan org len,
tp sendiri tak terjaga..
takpela, biala org wat, jgn kite..

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