Sunday, June 02, 2013

Bottleneck Issue

Well, maybe this is the right thing to do. Change the domain name, change the profile name. Maybe will let only those my close friends to know about this, so that they still can catch up what is going to happen and on.

For sure, I don't really feel comfortable to expose anymore who I am, haha. Maybe because of changing the occupation makes me feel like this. Entah. Let the thing happen like this for a while, until further notice of feeling.


Many things happen lately. As usual, I have nowhere to turn to, so here is the space. Maybe.. ohhh... why so many maybe??? huuuu... my life is stucked with this maybe maybe. I don't like it honestly!!! The unsure things are not promising. Really. But what else I have? The plan only we can manage, but not the actual situation.

>,<, feel like want to cry. I frequently cry lately. Yah.. too scared with life. Huu, that's not suppose to be afraid off, but yah.. feels too little right now, I'm scared :(

After a deep broken heart last time, I think I find another guy. But, I'm too scared to confess to him. Shall I confess to those who has no signal that "I like you too"...? huu, and he works at the same place as me. That's why I don't think this is a right action to do. I can't confess, it will ruins my future life, it will ruins the relationship. What should I do?

oh God.. I'm looking for your help, please..
I just don't know if he is the best for me,
if he is my faith, is we have faith together..

What shall I do? >.<

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