Monday, May 02, 2011

Year #1 as An Incredible Employee. You have to believe it!

Hi all!

Since I'm too bored, sitting by doing nothing, so I shall post one entry to fill in the time. Actually, I wanna make some cloth today but unfortunately the feeling still haven't come and still waited it until now! Lol. What happen to me, I'm also don't know. Well, I have about 6 pieces of kain-ela that need to be transformed to something that I'm not shame to put on. Why is it you don't want to come haaa? Ok, I'm started to talk nonsenses.

Well, Happy Belated Labour Day to all Malaysian! Thanks to government because we as a labor can have this holiday even just for one day only! Thanks for appreciating us with this public holiday. Actually the day was yesterday, first of May every year. Since yesterday was Sunday and public holiday, so the holiday is carried forward to TODAY. So, that's why I can type this post peacefully without a self-precaution from my boss's eyes. Haha.

Obviously, this year is so different as compared to last year. As a person with full of memory that most of time seems like to play forward on my mind, I really touched that this year I'm celebrating the event (clear my tears). Last year, I was surviving for my Final Year Project Presentation on this month of May. And Alhamdulillah, I got A for my FYP project eventhough I did it alone without my partner around. Who said we cannot be independent when we were desperate. Haha. Yeah, I was really desperate at that time. My partner need to do her Industrial Training while I'm the only one can take the hope. But, I don't mind because I was the one who chose that way, so I'm the one need to make it done perfectly.

Our Poster (Mek & Jaja)

Alhamdulillah. Everything was ended accordingly.

 5 May 2010 - FYP Presentation! *tersengih depan poster sendiri* Lol~

And now... I'm an employee. Something that I already hold it for about 11 months already. This June, 28 will be completely became a year of me joining this company. God has directed my life accordingly, eventhough until now I still haven't find my the other half, but with this rezki, I MUST thank to Allah as much as I can. Syukur. Maybe I need to pray harder so that Allah will answer my hope and do'a as soon as possible. InsyaALLAH.

Ramai-ramai posing depan the best Poster. hahaha. Padahal tak pon!

Ok.Ok. Nonetheless, everybody has their own direction. With or without their efforts, there's something call destiny and rezki that our God has made and chose for us. If you believe that there's always best thing for your life, so go for it. Make an effort plus with the do'a and tawakkal. He will help you whenever there's difficulty that challenge your credibility. That's His promise, and we have to believe it.


Selamat Hari Buruh!



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