Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Got it from my bestfriend's blog, Shepha.
Macam menarik plus the reason also same with her, I'm demotivated to update this little space. 
So, I hope with this challenge, it can cheers the passion all over again!

Wait for my Day 1 Challenge ya!


day 1 : your favorite song
day 2 : your favorite movie
day 3 : your idea for perfect first date
day 4 : your favorite photograph of your best friend
day 5 : a picture of something you want to do before you die
day 6: a photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet
day 7 : your dream wedding
day 8 : a song that match your mood
day 9 : a photo of the item you last purchased
day 10 : a photo of your favorite place to eat
day 11 : what's in your make up bag?
day 12 : your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is
day 13 : a picture of your favorite band or artist
day 14 : a tv show that you're currently addicted to
day 15 : something that you don't leave the house without
day 16 : a picture of someone who inspires you
day 17 : how you hope your future will be
day 18 : 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/ same sex
day 19 : What makes you different from everyone else?
day 20 : the meaning behind your blog name
day 21 : a photo of something that makes you happy
day 22 : a letter to someone who hurt you recently
day 23 : 15 facts about you
day 24 : a photo of something that means a lot to you
day 25 : who are you ?
day 26 : a photo of somewhere you want to go
day 27 : what kind of person attracts you?
day 28 : in this past month, what have you learn?
day 29 : something that you could never get tired of doing
day 30 : a photograph of yourself today + three good things that happened in the past 30 days.

 p.s. : if tak ikut turutan hari-hari takpe kan? Lol~



anis said...

mek cm ne tuh.. makne nye ko kene post ntry pasl mende yg ikot hari tuh erk.. bagush2.. interesting seh..

.mek.mizah. said...

aku ingt nak buat beterabur je ikot kegemaran aku sejak azali neh.. tp ko bg plak idea yg bernas..
aku nak ikot la mcm idea ko. post based on that particular day.

ANIS! ko pon kene buat bile free2 ok!

Cik Shyra said...

wahhh... same cm akak ipor aku gak ni... 30days challenge.. nampak menarik kan.. :)

PutraRocker said...

majulah sukan utk mek o_O

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