Thursday, March 07, 2013

Am I too bad? I need a help!

Sometimes people just don't understand what other people has gone through in their life. They have a mouth, then they just can say anything that's annoyed their eyes. Yeah.. they talk.. they say.. they chit chatting.. spread the words until it become bacteria to the this "suddenly" victim.

Heh.. whatelse should we say.. That's not their fault too actually. We also do the same, did the same when we don't know or experience the exact situation. Well, speak is so much easier than being in the same shoes right? *sigh*

I don't know why I'm so sensitive today. Got a comment about myself. I'm too harsh.. like gangster.. someone said. I already heard the word ever thrown to me last time, but this time when it come out from a male friend, my heart feels like a knife is slicing it into pieces.


Don't get me wrong. He's married, and he's a good friend of mine. Suppose I take it as a stone to break my negative attitude, but the stone is acting vice versa, break the positive attitude and yeah! I'm touched right now. How else should I do to impress others? I have no idea. -blank-

Urghh.. I hate this sensitive feeling, I'm an empty feelingless heartless as far as I know, but why ahh I feel hurt deep inside here. PMS? lols...

I'm sorry friend, I can take your comment actually, just the time is not good I guess. Haha. You are making an excuse oh mizah? keke.. But believe me, I used to hear people comment about me that I'm too fierce and this angry-forever face that I own. Hmmm.. how should I change that? can someone please teach me? >,<

I have some reasons why I cannot be polite for 24-hrs,

1) When I'm in the middle of married men group, is it necessary to be sweet little girl? talk so politely with them? haah..
2) Tired of cross interpretation from men when female so nice, they think we have a feeling towards them and they try to widen the friendship bonding
3) Enough of heartbroken feelings, crying bla bla bla...
4) Traumatize by previous history
5) hmmm.. whatelse?

Haizz.. now I feel that me myself just creating the problem into so dramatic scene! Actually, there's nothing. Just me got a problem to fix it which call..............

face the truth and don't be so ego!


1 comment:

Shepha said...

you are still an angel to me :)
relax. biasa la tu.
aku atas pelamin tunang hari tu pun kena marah sbb bercakap kuat sangat haha.

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