Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's hard even harder when you cannot choose what the best for all. It hurts even hurts-erst when you have to leave what should you believe earlier. When your friends or people around you already had what should we have in this stage but you still in the same phase with nothing to be proud on, I know, it is the sign of LOSER, a big LOSER. Shouldn't be feel like this, I know, it is strongly WRONG.

After all, positive not always come in everywhere.

Don't tell me how to be the one, but please direct me to where can I get. Because without that sense the eyes choose to be closed, the heart choose to be dead.

Even I'm a Loser, it doesn't mean I have to be give-up.
Well, I'm a bit annoyed with all that statements.
Thanks for the advice.



anis said...

mn de loser.. ke pentabah punye orang. aku tau!!!

Shah Ril said...

bgus la...

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