Thursday, December 23, 2010


Like other people, I love to capture whatever that I think it is so interesting and valuable to be kept as memory. Food, scenery, friends, shoes, lecturers, cars, buildings, cute baby.. just name it. Everything you can find in my photo folder. 3.2 MP camera never disappoint me or stop me from taking any general picture. Ehhhh... yang tak elok takde ye.. But most of them, of course, pictures of me.

Having a sony-e handphone, you may realize there's photo frame that's so nice to try it on!

These are just randomly taken from my phone folder. Ha-ha.
Actually I want to blog about other things but find out this is much more exciting to be shared.

During our project discussion. But as far as I remember, the project still completed in very last minute eventhough we started the discussion early on that semester -_-"

The stamp girl name Husna! She is the one who drag me to these variety of photo frames, ironically the phone is mine.

Basketball player with though muscle. Unfortunately her face unmatched with the ball. Ha-ha.

This one is much better, right? right? But where's my chin?

Monalisa in dream!
p.s. : yeah, I also have photos that I captured secretly.. mostly when I felt very shame to rise up my camera phone instead of DSLR like people beside me. ho-ho..


PutraRocker said...


Nono Fara said...

hahaha. kamera hp pun hevat hevatsss gitu :D

standard la buat fyp.. awl cam mana pun start, last minute baru siap hehe

kembatolo™ said...

nampak antik lagi mahal value dye. kan kan? haha

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