Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cuti dari Blogging. Sorry.

Dear Reader,

If you are aware with this blog, the writer know that this blog is no longer being in the state of enjoyable to read anymore. The writer's passion is currently decreasing and she apologize for that. She request for taking some leave until she get back with what actually can be named as PASSION.

Eventhough Blogging is her hobby, but the reality sometimes can make the habit been killed. There is something that she couldn't explain, and she thinks it is not worth for explanation. You don't need to know. Yes, reality can be so cruel sometime.

Let's hope for a new direction, let's hope for new beginning until she can continue write everything that worth for your reading. Hope to see you again. And yes, Happy World-Cup-ing. Yippie!

Cik M


Azida Alzahari said...

hi there!

take a good rest dear.. cant wait for you to start blogging again ^^

p/s: indeed.. reality sometimes can make the habit been killed T_T

.mek.mizah. said...

thanks Azida! i will come back sooon! :)

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