Thursday, October 09, 2008

...testing..1..2..3... am i stucked in here is not the matter,
but why I'm stucked in here is the most subject matter..huhu~
so, dis is my 1st post in blogger..
actually, i'm trying so hard

to get a blog for myself, previously i choose the wordpress,
huhh~~ but i dun know how to use its interface
since i'm quite

backward in IT(the computer's things)...huhu~
then, i try to surf

what i can surf in blogger, and the result become very
satisfied~!! lalalaaa...
its interface such as how to customize,

how to put this-and-this and so on are much more easier than
my previous blog side...huhu~
sorry wordpress, it's not ur fault..
it's mine who is very 'lol' in website thing..heee..
last but not least...
feel free to comment or anything in my blog,

and thanks for those who even just glance on my blog..

.:: regards ::.

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