Thursday, October 09, 2008

...come back to school...

(this was written on 10/7/08)

today is the second day i'm in uia..huuu~

i wish i can turn the clock back..

i wanna be at home

with my mum, dad, nephew, sis, bro ..cut it..wit all my family members...

heee...that's if i CAN la kan, but for sure it is IMPOSSIBLE...

sabo je la mizah..=P

before i'm coming back to the hostel, lots of wish, spirit that inspired me to start

work harder, study harder..!!!

but, when i reached the campus, huuuu~! some like all the spirit gone away~!!

huiiii....where are you....????!!!

i need u so much...

the things that come out on my wish list lately :

  1. when there is free time, i want to go the IIUM library.

  2. every single hour that possibly to read, i shud read.

  3. avoid any postpone work like as usual. (-_-)'

  4. start to do revision for all my subject..

  5. no outing, no-lepak-ing, no dating, no sms-ing, no calling...<---very hard to avoid...heee...

  6. keep studying, and dun bother others..

  7. less sleeping~!!! only can sleep minimum 5 hours per day, maximum 6 hours per day (#_#)?

  8. stay focus.since my target dis sem 4.0 flatttt~!!!

  9. no outside work...such as start the washer machine, clean-up the bathroom (haha..)

  10. last but not that in my mind..

daaaaa.......i'm still wishing that all in the list come true...huiii~!!

actually cannot keep wishing but i must start from now for


dun be so lazy mizah...!!! (smbl pegang rotan...)



p/s : can sumOne out there gve me some advice to achieve dis..?? huuu...




.:: l.o.v.e ::.


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