Friday, October 18, 2013

Waiting is a Cruel Killer

if only I can shout out loud what's in my mind right now, maybe it can lessen the stress.. haha.. all of sudden kau nak stress je manjang kan hemiza.. hurmmm.. I'm thinking about something that actually cannot immerse in the term " go with the flow". this is so serious, life or death. huhu..

When it comes to relationship topic, yah.. I'm the worst person to rely on. Since I don't have record to be proud on serious relationship, so I put myself in the list of "don't refer to her if you have love issue". Hmmm.. sound dramatic. I'm also in a drama right now! only He knows what is happening in my life lately.

I truly damnly what to know the truth, the storyline.. but the time is blocking my way. Huh.. can i be so patient to wait until mid or end of November to hear the truth story? urghh.. I don't think I'm a succesor to this. But, to force he/she to open their mouth right now seems like i don't give a damn on the quote "Assobru minal iman".. hmmmmm.. sigh in a very longggggg wayyy..

What should i do? Trying to riki-riki by myself, don't give me a big smile and answers. Oh Allah.. help me.. I need to know, really need to knowwww.. 



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